Crime alert #1

ロサンゼルス在住の方はお気をつけてください。また、渡米を考えている方もロサンゼルスの現状を知っていただき滞在中の過ごし方のご参考にしてください。USC Department of Public Safetyによる犯罪アラートを転載します。
Crime Alert – Sexual Battery/Fondling
Content warning: this warning addresses a report of sexual assault. Resources are available on and off campus to provide assistance. Visit for resources and support.
Reported Offense: Sexual Battery/Fondling
Date & Time of Occurrence: 03/15/2024 2:51 p.m.
Location: 3000 block of Figueroa Street
Report Number: 2401158
Incident Description: A suspect grabbed a victim by the buttocks and made a lewd comment toward the victim. The suspect then walked away in an unknown direction.
Vehicle Description: None
Suspect Description (provided by reporting party):
Age: 20 to 30 years old
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Height: Between 5 feet 5 inches and 5 feet 6 inches
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Weight: Unknown
Additional Description: Wearing a black hooded sweatshirt